How to identify fake Facebook account

Facebook is a widely used social media platform, with users all over the world. With the far reach comes a danger, something you might come across individuals with fake Facebook accounts. The best way to escape from these ones, is to be able to identify them in the first place.

To help you identify the a fake Facebook account, here are some tips.

How to identify fake Facebook account

Profile Picture

The first thing you might notice about a Facebook profile is the profile picture, if you find the picture suspicious, then its time to take action. Simply save the image on your computer, then go to and click on the camera option (search by image) and then select your image. Google will check for the image on the web and if you find that image at any other sites like 18+ then you will get to know that the account is fake.

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Profiles with girls faces all over

One point you will notice about fake Facebook accounts is the use of profile pictures of beautiful girls’ faces, which attract other users to confirm their request and then chat with them. Am not saying all profiles with beautiful girls are fake(i surely have some pretty faces on my Facebook profile), but if you find such profiles suspicious, just follow the verification step I highlighted above to be sure. 


The majority is Facebook accounts flagged as suspicious are always females, but like i mentioned above, not all female accounts are fake. You will notice that the profile picture will be limited from two to three, with only random celebrity image. Therefore, if the person did not update her status and no comments from his/her friend on the status, then probably the account is not genuine. Another pointer is that the about page might not be detailed enough or does not give you the desired info, then the account is probably fake.

Look up users activities

Most fake Facebook accounts lack activities on their profile. You will only see new friends added, but no Facebook pages will be liked and no group will be joined. They only add friends to promote a scheme in the future. So you might want to watch out for such profiles that lack activities.

Contact numbers on Profile

As you would have noticed on Facebook, most girls do not give you their contact numbers when you ask them, talk more of adding it to their profile. Which means that when you see a profile with a phone number, then you should be careful about interacting with such user.

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Date of Birth

Reports has shown that most Facebook profiles flagged as fake always have 1st of January as their date of birth, that is because it easy to create especially for a fake profile. So you must beware of such accounts and take proper action if you find such accounts on your friends list.

Those are the few tips to help you detect a fake Facebook profile. Your safety is very important as the social media platform is used worldwide.

If you have other tips to add, kindly drop them is the comment section below or any of our social media platforms.

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